Moisturizing shampoo

Recyclable, eco-designed bottle (cane sugar) 250ml

Yuka: 100/100


Hair & Beards
100% natural ingredients


This natural shampoo takes care of your hair and scalp. Enriched with caviar & Black Sea algae, it gently cleanses and purifies your hair.

Its creamy texture lathers generously and rinses easily. Your hair is clean, shiny and soft to the touch, your scalp purified. Its iodized fragrance leaves your hair smelling natural and fresh.

Types of hair

Its gentle formula, 100% natural origin, without sulfates or silicones, is suitable for all hair types without drying them out. This shampoo is also suitable for cleaning the beard.

NERO MEN natural shampoo: for a healthy scalp and healthy hair!

NERO MEN natural shampoo: for a healthy scalp and healthy hair!


The multi-active formula of this shampoo has been specifically developed to meet the needs of men’s hair. A naturally gentle and effective washing base, derived from Coconut, combined with purifying, sebum-regulating and anti-inflammatory extracts of Guarana cleanses the scalp. At the same time, a powerful cocktail of precious active ingredients such as caviar and seaweed moisturizes, nourishes, revitalizes and strengthens the hair fiber, from root to tip. Chamomile calms and soothes irritated scalps.

Results: from the first use, your hair is clean, free of dandruff, shiny and soft. Over time, the scalp is cleansed and the hair gains in tone and vitality.

Tips for use

On wet hair, massage the equivalent of two dimes of shampoo. For a more generous lather you can emulsify with a little water.

Finish by rinsing well with cold or warm water, but never hot, to keep the shine.

A Clean Beauty formula with exceptional, high-performance ingredients


Ultra-rich in proteins, amino acids, omegas, trace elements and vitamins, black caviar is a powerful cocktail of active ingredients with recognized anti-aging and antioxidant properties. This premium ingredient brings comfort and protection to the skin.


A real concentrate of vitamins and minerals, seaweed has scientifically proven revitalizing and regenerating properties. It also strengthens the elasticity of the skin and promotes cell renewal. The skin is hydrated, nourished and protected.

Grape seed oil

This vegetable oil with strong antioxidant power protects the hair and fights against the appearance of dandruff. Nourishing, but not greasy, it leaves the hair soft and silky.

Chamomile extracts

Its natural anti-inflammatory properties soothe scalp irritations and prevent dandruff. It is also a natural emollient that is very useful for smoothing the hair scales and bringing shine to the hair.

To go further, INCI list of ingredients:
destilated aqua, vitis vinifera seed oil, seaweed extract, caviar extract, d-pantenol, vitamin c, cocoabettaine, hypericum perforatum, cor. quercus sessiliflorae extract, walnut extract, nettle extract, burdock extract, calendula officinalis extract, elastin, collagen, chamomilla recutita extract, paullinia cupana, coffeine, taurine, saponaria officinalis, allantoin, chenopodium bonus-henricus, sorbus aucuparia, fragrance.

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January 11, 2023

Shampoing top pour mes cheveux qui sont propres, purifiés et à la fois doux et brillants. Odeur très agréable.

Thierry H
October 24, 2022

Shampoing super efficace.

May 31, 2022

Je suis fan de ce shampoing ! J’en suis déjà à ma 3 ieme commande.

May 31, 2022

Shampoing hydratant et rafraîchissant, laisse mes cheveux brillants pour plusieurs jours.

May 31, 2022

Très bon shampooing doux, tout le monde me le vole à la maison 😂😂😂