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Caviar treatments with hair-raising effects


The town of Pomorie in Bulgaria is a top location for nature and health lovers. It dates back to antiquity. According to archaeological research, there were Greek and Roman settlements on the site of the current city, which were probably related to the production of salt and the exploitation of salt water sources.

During Byzantine times, the city was known as Anhialo and was an important commercial and industrial center.

Pomorie is an ideal place to recharge your batteries, relax and reconnect with nature while discovering the cultural riches of the city.

The effects of caviar on the hair

Caviar, also called “black gold” is not just a luxury dish. Indeed, it is an active ingredient with recognized benefits for hair and skin.
For the hair, it has three main benefits:

Regeneration: caviar boosts cell renewal and restructures the hair fiber. Thus, it strengthens from the roots. It is an anti-aging ritual that preserves the quality of the hair by protecting it from external aggressions: coloring, styling, heat…
Stimulation: caviar stimulates blood microcirculation in the scalp and promotes hair growth thanks to its content of amino acids and vitamins B1, B2 and B6. The use of products containing caviar allows you to quickly gain length and keep hair strong and resistant. The production of keratin is boosted and of better quality.
Smoothing: combined with keratin, caviar is an essential active ingredient in hair straightening products. It is an alternative to Brazilian straightening. It smooths, repairs and makes hair shiny.

What types of hair care products contain caviar?

Several hair products may contain caviar: shampoos, straightening or styling products… Discover their actions and their daily benefits.

Caviar shampoo: caviar shampoo can be used daily. It has restorative, anti-aging and color-extending properties. It repairs hair damaged and weakened by external aggressions (pollution, sun, etc.) and coloring. It also has an anti-hair loss and anti-dandruff action that will purify the scalp and boost hair growth. After the first use, the hair is shiny, healthy and radiant.
Smoothing with caviar: the effects of caviar are increased tenfold when it is mixed with keratin, a substance that the hair produces naturally. It is an alternative to Brazilian straightening which allows you to straighten the hair durably while making it shiny and silky. It repairs damaged hair by deeply hydrating it.
Caviar: the benefits of black gold for the skin

Caviar: the benefits of black gold for the skin

Rich in proteins, amino acids, lipids, trace elements, mineral salts and Omega 3,6 and 9, caviar is recognized as a powerful cosmetic active ingredient.
It has lifting and firming properties. It is mainly present in anti-aging products. In addition to its anti-aging properties, caviar has many benefits for the skin:

Nutrition for dry skin: thanks to its lipid content, caviar is a rich active ingredient that nourishes dry skin.
Improvement of the elasticity of the skin: over the years, the skin tends to let go. Caviar slows down the skin aging process by making the skin more supple and firm.

Cell regeneration: this natural process occurs approximately every 28 days on the skin of the face. The cells regenerate and give way to new cells so that the skin can best play its role as a protective barrier. Caviar contributes to this regeneration thanks to its vitamin content.
Collagen booster: the lack of elasticity and firmness of the skin is caused by the lack of collagen. Caviar helps maintain sufficient collagen levels to keep skin firm.
Plumping and smoothing: thanks to its quality anti-aging active ingredients, caviar has a smoothing effect on the skin. Over time, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced.

All these benefits make the skin toned and radiant.

As you will have understood, caviar is a luxury active ingredient to be urgently incorporated into your skincare routine. Whether it is to take care of your hair or your skin, caviar will have exceptional moisturizing and anti-aging properties.
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